We Build Deploy Train Maintain Large Language Models Tailored to Industry-Specific Use Cases

Purpose-Built AI Assets for the Evolving Demands of Modern Business.

At Telios, we envision organizations training, deploying and maintaining a broad array of open source Large Language Models on their own infrastructure in the years ahead, and that Telios can enable that future by providing necessary tooling and ancillary services.

Extract, Analyze, and Communicate

Our custom models can be used to securely analyze documents with sensitive information, leveraging sophisticated natural language processing instead of standard OCR. This approach understands context, enhancing accuracy significantly, and allows for more meaningful discussions about the findings, all while safeguarding your most confidential data.

About Telios

AI as a Service

At Telios, we’ve handled the R&D so you don’t have to. We specialize in building, deploying, fine-tuning, and maintaining custom Large Language Models (LLMs) that are tailored to your unique needs and specific industry applications.

The Telios Edge

In a world where your competition is using the same private AI models (OpenAI, Claude, etc.), Telios offers a unique advantage. We help you establish intellectual property (IP) value moats that set you apart in the market. Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also reduce the risks associated with third-party LLM dependencies.

Your Model, Our Expertise

With Telios, you maintain ownership of your AI model while we provide the expertise needed for success. We handle the entire lifecycle, from building and deploying, to managing and supporting your AI solutions. Say goodbye to in-house expertise challenges.

White Glove Services

Our white glove services are designed to make your AI journey effortless. We identify your specific needs and create tailored AI solutions for your industry-specific use cases. Streamline your operations, automate management, and fine-tune your AI with ease.

Proprietary AI Tooling

Our suite of proprietary tools are designed to enhance your AI experience and accelerate speed to market. 

AI Firewall for 3rd Party LLMs

Safeguard your ecosystem with our advanced AI Firewall, ensuring the security and privacy of your data when using third-party Large Language Models like OpenAI or Claude.

Document Analyzer

A powerful tool that enables you to securely analyze documents with sensitive information. It leverages sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) to extract, analyze, and communicate information accurately, enhancing your data processing capabilities while safeguarding your most confidential data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use custom LLMs vs. using an industry leading model like OpenAI's GPT4?

With the rise of LLMs like GPT-4, it can be tempting to simply use these pre-trained models for natural language tasks. However, custom fine-tuning an open source LLM on your specific data and use case offers several advantages:

  • Competitive advantage – Your custom fine-tuned model becomes a unique asset that sets you apart from competitors simply using the same generic models. 

  • Privacy – Sensitive data remains in-house instead of being sent to a third-party API. This allows building models for industries like fintech, healthcare, legal, etc.

  • Better performance on your domain – Pre-trained models like GPT are trained on broad range of data, while fine-tuning lets you specialize the model for enhanced performance on your niche. This leads to higher accuracy and more relevant outputs for your specific industry applications.

  • Customization – You can customize the model architecture, training techniques, hyperparameters, etc tailored to your unique needs. 

  • More control – With an open source model you control all aspects of training, deployment, and updates. GPT access can change with shifting business priorities that are outside of your control.

How does your AI Firewall work?

For any organization wishing to leverage 3rd party LLMs, our proprietary AI Firewall acts as a secure proxy between your private data and the models. It ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your information without revealing the underlying mechanisms. This service can be accessed via an API that is hosted on our infrastructure or yours, providing a flexible and secure solution to safeguard your data when interacting with external LLMs.

How does the document uploader work?

Telios’ document uploader is AI-powered and has the ability to extract essential data points within documents securely, enabling faster decision-making and ensuring compliance with your organization’s security requirements.

In what areas/operations can your AI solutions have use cases?

Telios’ AI solutions have a broad range of applications across various industries and use cases. Telios is seeing traction across the following key sectors:

  • Fintech
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Education
How can integrating your AI solutions into our platform lead to increased capacity?

Our AI has the ability to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry and document management. By taking care of these, it frees up more time for professionals in your organization to focus on tasks where their expertise adds more value. This effectively increases your organization’s capacity.

What do you mean by 'AI Agnostic

AI Agnostic’ means that Telios’ tooling can utilize any Large Language Models (LLMs) and data sources as required. It gives our solutions the flexibility and adaptability needed to deploy AI use cases more quickly and securely, allowing companies to stay ahead of the competition without exposing their businesses or customers to unnecessary risks.

I'm interested in speaking with your team about my use case. When can we talk?

Reach out to us directly at sales@corp.telios.io or schedule time with us via our calendly link.